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If you’re looking for a team of reliable gas plumbers Sydney, then Bondi Plumbing are the ones to call. Sydney homeowners need to be made aware of the importance of checking if their chosen gas fitter (any trade to be in fact) is fully licensed to work within that particular area.

Working with gas has high potential to cause personal injury and can be very disastrous in the wrong hands. All of our servicemen and women are extremely reliable gas plumbers, who carry full licences to work with both natural and LPG gas.

If you think that you can smell gas, then you must act immediately and contact Bondi Plumbing to get the problem solved. With a number of vehicles on the road, we have an abundance of fully licensed gas plumbers in Sydney.
You should never ignore, it’s a gas leak. You need to turn off your main gas supply as quickly as possible to reduce any physical damage to yourself and your property. Please ensure all gas appliances are switched off, to ensure no more excess gas can escape and open all doors and windows to improve ventilation and reduce the amount of gas trapped within the property, which can cause catastrophic bodily harm.


1. Removal and installation of all gas appliances
2. Re-run or new connection to gas appliances
3. Gas pipe fittings and repair
4. Gas leak detection and repair
5. Relocation, repair and installation of gas meters
6. Gas hot water heaters
7. Conversions of gas appliances from LPG to natural gas
8. General cleaning, maintenance and repair of gas BBQ’s
9. Preferred service provider for Jetmaster fireplace servicing, repairs and installations

We have a number of plumbers who specialize in gas work, and between them, there isn’t a problem that they haven’t come across before. They know exactly what will be need to be done to solve each problem. They deal with each solution individually and will discuss all possible solutions that are available to you. Our servicemen and women listen to any restrictions that may relate to the work that can be carried out; e.g. budget or infrastructure restrictions.