Basic pool maintenance

Swimming pool and ring flotation devicePools are still considered a luxury by some; the assumption is there is a lot of effort and cost that goes into maintaining a pool. But, in reality, if you invest in the correct equipment and follow a simple pool maintenance routine, you will find the costs are significantly reduced and the enjoyment had is well worth your 15 minutes of upkeep per week.

These three hot tips could change your life as a pool owner.

Tip 1

Out first hot tip is – pool covers. If you don’t have one – GET ONE! It is hard to believe that these simple plastic sheets are so effective but they are the number one piece of equipment every pool owner should invest in to get maximum enjoyment with minimum effort from your pool.

Primarily is their ability to warm and retain the water temperature.  I myself have invested in both solar and a pool cover and I promise you, from first-hand experience, I found whilst they both assisted in heating water, the pool cover was a far superior product in this role.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  In addition to reducing loss of heat and actually warming the water, if you always replace your pool cover after a swim there are many other important benefits:

  1. They protect the pool and filter from the environment including foliage, bark, insects and dirt, thus reducing the amount of cleaning required.
  2. They reduce evaporation by up to 90% – Without a cover, your average pool can lose up to 1 inch of water a day, this can equate to approximately 7,000 gallons of water.
  3. They reduce the need to add as many chemicals by helping to sustain your pools alkaline and acidity levels

Tip 2

If you are, or have been a pool owner, you will be aware how important it is to monitor the chemical balance to ensure the water is safe and clean.   Time, environment and organic matter can change the chemical balance of the water, and cause the filters to block quicker but, another contributor is the sun, which speeds up the dissipation of chlorine, so we recommend the best time to add sanitizer to your pool is in the evening.

Tip 3

Water Volume – our final tip is not to overfill your pool, the water level should be no further than a third to half way up the skimmer box opening to ensure there is space for debris to float into it allowing the filter system to work efficiently.

On the flip side, when the water level drops too low the debris cant reach the skimmer to float into the opening.  Whilst you cannot prevent evaporation entirely, as advised, a pool cover will significantly reduce the speed at which evaporation occurs so will reduce the cost of your water consumption to refill the pool.

If you are concerned that the water level is dropping quicker than evaporation you may have a water leak. A common sign is a saturated surface near or downstream from your pool.

Apart from that you can always advise your pool users, to keep excessive splashing to a minimum – but having three children under the age of seven we know that isn’t always practical!

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