The practical purpose of installing a fireplace is to provide a comfortable temperature in your home through the cooler months. But for me, aesthetics rule – the beauty of a flaming hearth comes first place. A fireplace becomes the centre of your home. I love the mesmerising flame that projects a stress free ambience. Nothing beats it.  It is a meeting place where an individual or the whole family can relax and unwind after a long day at school or work.OPEN-GAS-JETMASTER-DOUBLE-SIDED1

Fireplaces have become a growing trend in Sydney homes. With a wide range of fireplaces to suit any style of interior you are sure to find one that will suit your living area and in recent years double sided fireplaces are becoming popular due to their ability to warm multiple living areas.

Double sided fireplaces can really change the whole ‘vibe’ of not just one, but two rooms.  Choosing to install a double-sided fireplace helps provide warmth and a focal point in both areas at a single cost. They can also transform your layout, create new spaces or provide a feature wall in an open plan environment.  Double-sided fireplaces share the same enclosure and chimney space so use the space efficiently, and by using a partition you could opt to feature a Victorian fireplace on one side of the wall and a stainless steel model on the other side.


Heat & Glo also offer external double wall options so you can enjoy the benefits of your fire all year round.  These back-to-back fireplaces, are similar to the internal double-sided fireplaces, except that they offer the option to open onto an exterior space such as you alfresco living area such as a terrace or balcony.

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