2015 Bathroom Trends

Snapshot of 2015 bathroom trends With the very popular show ‘The Block’, websites such as Houzz and Pinterest and racks of interior magazines in our local news agency we now have easy access to endless images of professionally styled rooms and the direction we sought to select the best products and fashions in home-wares and


Everyone here at Bondi Plumbing wish all our customers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! May you have an amazing day and we're looking forward to seeing you in the new year.

1 more sleep to go…

With only one more sleep to go, we hope you're all ready for the big day. If you find yourself snowed under this year with plumbing issues, do not panic...Bondi Plumbing are here to help throughout the festive season. Do not hesitate to call us on 1300 0 BONDI or 9417 0320 .....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Be aware, take care!

Bathroom safety Believe it or not there are several hazards in a bathroom that can cause serious harm, especially to children and the infirm so it’s important to be aware of them and take suitable precautions to avoid the risks. Whilst we do not want to be seen as scare mongering we have found that

Water you waiting for?

Basic pool maintenance Pools are still considered a luxury by some; the assumption is there is a lot of effort and cost that goes into maintaining a pool. But, in reality, if you invest in the correct equipment and follow a simple pool maintenance routine, you will find the costs are significantly reduced and the

Have you got a leak?

Carry out this simple test yourself. If you have a suspicion that there might be a water leak on your property there is a simple DIY test that you can carry out to check if there is a problem before you need to call out your plumber. Locate your water meter, it is usually near

Splash n Dash Video

After such an amazing event on the 21st November, our friends at Splash n' Dash have released the official 2015 video overview of the day.  We're so happy to be part of such an amazing event. Watch the video and see if you can spot the business owners and plumber participating in the Duck Dash

Bondi Splash n’ Dash 2015

Doggy daycare and duck dashing for cash!We were amongst the lucky few who grabbed a spot as a sponsor at this years Bondi Splash n' Dash event on Saturday 21st November.  We setup prior to the event where we could offer the contestants and the local community a way to bring their canine friends down to

I can’t sand it anymore!

Sand. You either love it or hate it but however u feel about it, for the avid sun and surf seekers in your household, enjoying summer at the beach and bringing half of it back home can be a regular ritual. If you are the one who has to suffer gritty floors and even worse

Summertime Sprinkles

Keep your garden green in more ways than one Want to hydrate your garden in the most cost effective and eco friendly fashion ? With the temperatures on the rise, your garden beds and lawn need your help to survive the onset of our hot climate. Remembering to water your garden manually and finding the

Wipe away the problem

De-wipe your pipes... Are you aware of the damage baby wipes and other sanitary items cause when they are flushed down the toilet? In 2013 a 10 tonne ball of fat and sanitary waste was discovered under the city of Kingston UK after residents found their toilets were no longer flushing. Known as the "fatberg"

Happy Halloween

    We hope your toilet doesn't get spooked this Halloween. But if you find yourself in a scary situation, then do not hesitate to call us. Our servicemen and women are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please contact us on 9417 0320 or email us on contact@bondiplumbing.com.au