Doggie Daycare for Splash’N’Dash 2016

Bondi Plumbing are happy to announce that we are again a proud sponsor of the 2016 Bondi Splash’N’Dash. In its third year running; the ‘1km Run - 1km Swim – 1km Run’ event will take place on the golden sands of Bondi Beach on Saturday 19th November, 2016. The event raises much needed

Support Amanda in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Support our Plumber Amanda in her efforts to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Campaign this month! Amanda wanted to wear these gorgeous pink boots for one year to support and raise money for breast cancer awareness! For every booking during October we will donate $20 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation Please mention this

11th March World Plumbing Day

Promoting Healthy Water Globally. Plumbers come together globally to initiate, educate and promote the importance of how we should maintain a safe and sanitary water conditions around the world.  There is nothing more important than having access to safe drinking water and a good standard of sanitation to sustain good health. In Australia, we shouldn’t

International Womens Day – Flying the flag for female tradies

In line with International Womens’ Day, whose focus is on parity this year, and with females only making up 13% of trade apprentices and trainees in NSW, we wanted to raise awareness by asking our female plumber, Amanda Hendrie, about why she elected to study a career in a predominantly male trade and how she

Tap tap tap, Drip drip drip

Most of us have seen one, experienced one or been kept awake by the noise of water. The notorious dripping tap or leaking down pipe are both common household plumbing issues that we send our servicemen and women out to. When customers supply their choice of tap ware we always emphasise the importance of researching products

Two for one, double the fun

The practical purpose of installing a fireplace is to provide a comfortable temperature in your home through the cooler months. But for me, aesthetics rule - the beauty of a flaming hearth comes first place. A fireplace becomes the centre of your home. I love the mesmerising flame that projects a stress free ambience. Nothing

Out with the mould and in with the new

With Sydney’s diverse climate of high humidity and heavy rain storms, and many homes and apartments built on steep faces, many properties find it hard to deal with the effects of these challenging conditions. Along with inadequate ventilation the effects of warmth and water create the perfect environment for mould to build up and once

De-clutter the gutter this Autumn

We would not be surprised that maintaining the guttering on your property is not on your top priority list, but keeping on top of it has its benefits.  It’s not the most thrilling of jobs, and is usually let unattended until they are overflowing with debris and leaves which is when it causes a problem.

Become fire savvy this winter

With autumn fast approaching, homeowner’s attention is now being turned to getting ready for winter, ensuring that they’re ready for the drop in temperature.  More and more homeowners in Sydney are choosing to install gas fireplaces. A selection of Heat n Glo fireplaces boast universal technology, with the latest models allowing for remote control access,

Reduce your water footprint

Simple actions to minimise your water consumption today Australians are one of the biggest water consumers per capita on earth, but we have fewer water resources than most other industrialised societies. So, we should all be making a conscious effort to conserve as much water as possible. By doing so it will not only be

Make your community the best it can be

Be a leader for positive change in your community We are all reminded about the importance of reducing our water usage during the summer months when damn levels are at higher risk but in reality conserving our water supply should be a way of life not just a seasonal focus.  Sure, we can't individually make a

Making your taps green…

Top tips on how to make your taps eco friendly No home is perfect, and there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes down to being a greener household.  With our main focus this month being primarily around resolving dripping taps, and understanding the benefits around water conservation, we wanted to inform our