Top tips on how to make your taps eco friendly

No home is perfect, and there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes down to being a greener household.  With our main focus this month being primarily around resolving dripping taps, and understanding the benefits around water conservation, we wanted to inform our customers on ways to ensure their taps are as efficient as they can be.

Water restrictors & aerators

By installing water restrictors or aerators onto all your household tapware this can help to restrict excess water flow from your taps in your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.  Installing these can also identify any potential dripping taps throughout your home. Win win!

Caroma Contura Wall Basin Bath Mixer

Caroma Contura Wall Basin Bath Mixer

Water Efficiency Labelling & Standards (WELS)

Choosing to install a WELS tap just like the Caroma’s Contura wall basin bath mixer makes saving water easy.  A typical tap can discharge between 15 to 18 litres of water per minute.  But in comparison, low flow and aerating taps can use as little as 2 litres per minute depending on the intended application.  Taps with an aerator or flow restrictor may reduce flow to less than a third of standard taps.

Other areas to reduce water waste

The appliances within the average home which use the most water are typically the washing machine, dishwasher, shower and toilet. All these appliances and fixtures are sold using the WELS rating system, making it easier to make your whole home green.

DID YOU KNOW…that by 2021 Australians could save more than $1 billion on our water and energy bills just by using more water-efficient appliances and fixtures.

How can Bondi Plumbing help…

With all our services, whether you need help with a dripping tap or we are replacing your whole drainage system, you are entitled to a free home efficiency inspection.  During this inspection our serviceman or woman will identify where you can make the biggest savings in your home, this includes how you can save water, energy and money.  They will also identify any areas that may require attention in the future, with absolutely no obligation for you to act upon any suggestions that are provided by our plumber.