Sand. You either love it or hate it but however u feel about it, for the avid sun and surf seekers in your household, enjoying summer at the beach and bringing half of it back home can be a regular ritual.

If you are the one who has to suffer gritty floors and even worse crunchy bed sheets we have the perfect solution to maintain a sand free home. 

The outdoor shower station is a great practical addition to any home and is not just for those lucky enough to have a pool – it has so much more to offer all year round: 

  1. If your canine family member is the worst culprit for spreading sand or dirt around your abode after an outing it’s perfect for washing his coat or simply cleansing those paws.
  2. 2.Sports mad children? Wash off those boots and mud crustaceans before they stampede through the house. 
  3. Grubby gardeners ? Rinse off the fertilisers and soil from your gloves and shoes
  4. Thrill seekers? Bike riders, kayakers and ramblers – wash away your apparatus and boots ready for the next adventure! 
  5. And of course if you simply enjoy an outdoors it’s the perfect summer refreshment with nature. 

Source: Orvin, Beach Style Products