Keep your garden green in more ways than one

Want to hydrate your garden in the most cost effective and eco friendly fashion ?

Garden irrigation sprinklerWith the temperatures on the rise, your garden beds and lawn need your help to survive the onset of our hot climate. Remembering to water your garden manually and finding the time to do so can be quite a challenge for most of us and we tend to over water very unevenly.

Irrigation systems are a time saving and a cost effective solution to maintaining lush lawns and healthy beds efficiently.

With so many options available, it can be hard for homeowners to work out which irrigation system would suit their needs. The main two options are drip feed systems and sprinkler systems. Below we have explored the pros and cons for you.

Sprinkler systems :

These are renowned for their more natural approach to irrigation, because the way water is distributed is very similar to a rainfall. Sprinklers disperse the water across wide spaces and can be adjusted in direction and pressure.

The only difficulty homeowners may experience is areas being missed due to the direction and coverage of the suppy. The advantages are that Large areas can be watered evenly and quickly however water can evaporate quickly so these systems perform better when applied in the late afternoon/evening or early morning and require medium to high water pressure.

Underground drip systems:

These are best suited to garden beds as they focus on delivering a controlled trickle of water directly to the roots of the plant at intervals along a hose line. This avoids soaking foliage, thus helps to control some diseases and evaporation of water is minimised. The slow rate of application results in no water being wasted through run off.

You can set a fixed flow rate or adjust the flow on each outlet according to the water requirements of individual plants. You can attach hose branches off the feeder hose to irrigate plants some distance from the main line. Drip irrigation requires lower water pressures than sprinklers. A pressure regulator should be installed in the main line just after the filter. If it is not fitted, the water pressure can cause drippers to blow out.

When buying your new system, be sure to ask the professionals for advice. Most importantly to ensure you run an efficient eco friendly system when possible use a grey water to supply your irrigation and install an inline filter to avoid water debris clogging outlets and nozzles.