Plastic Bottles … a silent killer

At Bondi Plumbing we like to support initiatives that we believe will improve the lifestyle, health and environment of our customers. As an avid surfer and father of three, owner, David Paul has a keen interest in keeping our beaches and oceans in tip top condition….

Cleanse your body and the oceanPlastic bottle waste has tripled over the past 6 years. Australians now spend over $500 million per year on bottled water alone.  Marketed as a pure and healthy refreshment, there is a much higher cost to pay than just the water itself.

But bottled water is anything but pure AND it is having a devastating impact on the health our oceans, beaches and sea life.

These are the facts:

  1. Less than a 1/3 of bottles are recycled. The majority end up in our landfills and ocean and taking up to 1000 years to bio-degrade.
  2. 90% of the marine debris found on Sydney’s beaches is plastic – mostly bottles, caps and straws.
  3. The energy required to transport and refrigerate these millions of bottles each year is severely draining ‘already limited’ fossil fuels and increasing the greenhouse gas effect.
  4. It takes 3l of crude oil to make 1l of bottled water and after a short time especially when exposed to heat or light, the plastic leaches chemicals such as Bisphenol (BPA) into it’s contents.
  5. Filtered Tap water is just as healthy and tasty as bottled water

Invest in your future.
Please stop buying bottled water.

As an alternative consider installing a water filter tap in your home and buying a set of reusable bottles. You will be providing you household with a lifetime supply of purified water at the press of a button.  It’s the most cost effective, sustainable and the eco-friendly source of purified water on the market today!