We would not be surprised that maintaining the guttering on your property is not on your top priority list, but keeping on top of it has its benefits.  It’s not the most thrilling of jobs, and is usually let unattended until they are overflowing with debris and leaves which is when it causes a problem.blocked guttering

If you choose to never clean your gutters, then you are asking for trouble further down the line.

Protect yourself from these costly knock on effects

  • If left long enough, debris build up inside your gutters can easily block down pipes and lead to structural damage. The structural damage is often caused by heavy rain and flash flooding which regularly occurs in Sydney. The blocked guttering and down pipes can restrict water from running away from your property which means it will overflow into your internal roof area. This water can cause costly damage to insulation, timber framework, electrical wiring, walls, ceilings and floors.
  • When water penetrates the inside of your home it can cause mould growth. Mould is difficult to get rid of once it makes itself at home. It can also effect the health of your household members. See more information on this issue here.
  • Debris in gutters and down pipes can also form the perfect home for many varieties of bugs and larger animals. Mosquitoes like to breed in damp dark conditions and large collections of leaves create an inviting home for birds, rodents and marsupials.
  • Damp environments also makes it the ideal environment for termites to gather which can have a devastating effect on the timber framework of your property.

These are just a few of the consequences from not maintaining your down pipes and gutters, so we actively encourage you to keep on top of the issue.  With autumn just around the corner, now is the best time to get prepared.

If you think your down pipes and/or guttering need unblocking, repairs or replacing, call us now on Bondi/Get Plumbing, and we can send out a serviceman today!