Snapshot of 2015 bathroom trends

Graffiti bath tubWith the very popular show ‘The Block’, websites such as Houzz and Pinterest and racks of interior magazines in our local news agency we now have easy access to endless images of professionally styled rooms and the direction we sought to select the best products and fashions in home-wares and interiors.  This has created an increasing awareness and interest in creating the perfectly styled abode.

The days of a mono coloured bathrooms are history and the current trend appears to be feature walls, textured tiles and state of the art baths, tap-ware and basins designs.

Bathroom design was pretty straight-forward a decade ago, most baths, basins and toilets came in a standard design so the biggest design decision was the tap-ware choice. Choosing tiles wasn’t a big decision matte white, gloss white or cream, then the choice of a border tile that typically featuring sea shells, fishes or a basic pattern pf some sort.

But now there is an infinite choice of tiles available, and when I recently hadMarble printed tiles to make that choice I found myself procrastinating for hours in our local store to the point my husband called me to find out if he should drop his swag down as it drew close to the stores closing time.

The first decision you should make is what sort of ambiance are you looking to achieve in your bathroom?  Tiles can make or break the overall finish so deciding if you would like a calm and soothing space or a clean cut modern look is essential.  Depending on the style of other rooms you may be looking to continue the Hamptons or a Scandinavian feel throughout your home. This is when those websites and magazines can act as your own personal interior design consultant.

In terms of trending patterns and choices of tiles chosen, we have explored the latest fashions to point you in the right direction…..


GEOMETRIC PATTERNS: Whether it’s on the floor or walls, they are all the rage.  It could be retro designs, patchwork, herringbone or for the more adventurous intricately patterned styles such as the Moroccan theme. When combined with classic features such as a claw footed bath tub this look can have a dramatic impact.

Digital prints on marble tilesDIGITAL PRINT:To achieve the luxurious stone look in your bathroom is not only expensive to buy but also install.

Digitally printed marble as seen in the image here is a more affordable alternative to the real thing if this is the look you want to achieve. Both look fabulous and each have different benefits and drawbacks in regards to durability, aesthetics, cost and application.

Another digital print method that is becoming increasingly popular is applying a customised digital printing of your favourite image or photo as a wrap to a bathroom furnishing or tiled wall. A large image featured in your bathroom will achieve a dramatic wow factor to your home.  The Block’s Kingi and Caro unveiled their famous graffiti bath last year
which wasn’t to everyone’s taste but all the judges loved it!

TEXTURE: You can now choose from tiles which mimic textures such as brick, concrete, stainless steel or even wood.  The inclusion of textures throughout your bathroom is becoming increasingly popular when wanting to achieve a contemporary and minimalist styling.

SHAPES: The use of geometric shapes became massively popular in 2015.  Shapes such as hexagons, circles, ovals and diamonds were widely used on home renovation shows such as The Block.  They are a simple but effective way of adding patterns and detail to your bathrooms styling.  You don’t just have to stick to one particular colour of tile, and can easily create patterns using variously coloured tiles. This look reminds me of the famous metamorphic artwork of Maurits Cornelis Escher – a Dutch graphic artist.