Most of us have seen one, experienced one or been kept awake by the noise of water.TAP_DRIPPING (from Administration)

The notorious dripping tap or leaking down pipe are both common household plumbing issues that we send our servicemen and women out to.

When customers supply their choice of tap ware we always emphasise the importance of researching products before purchasing their favorite design. Choosing the cheapest tap choice may appear to be the perfect low cost solution, but in the long term you may find yourself spending more money. Cheaper brands are likely to need more frequent services because fittings inside the tap ware are low quality. And there’s nothing more frustrating getting your tap ware fixed when it’s less than a year old or out of warranty.

If you leave a dripping tap it will only become increasingly worse and in the meantime you are simply paying for the water to run straight down your drain, (we have repaired taps that have dripped away 38 litres of water a day or 13,500 litres a year).

The persistent noise of a tapping down pipe or dripping tap, can really leave you feeling drained from the torture of it keeping you awake. However with it causing minimal interference in the daytime, homeowners often put off or forget to organise a plumber to get it fixed.

However, the most important reason to get these little offenders repaired is the possible damage that a dripping tap or leaking down pipe can cause if they are left to their own devices for long enough. The water trail can be slowly creating a damp and mouldy patch or deteriorating cabinetry, walls or floors.


If you have chosen to install aerators onto your tap, these should be regularly removed and cleaned. If you install them and never give them a second glance, they will become clogged with water particles and no longer provide you with a clean flow rate of water.


If you are handy, changing washers can be an easy job for any homeowner. However the issue can be cause by any one of several components inside of the tap requiring replacement. If you haven’t been able to successfully fix the issue or don’t want to try and solve it yourself we are always on hand to do the job for you.

Simply call us now and we can send out a serviceman today!